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DintechDintech Valves Pvt. Ltd. a leading valve manufacturing company established 15 years back. The organization manufactures Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Wafer Type Check Valve, Strainers etc. in all size and class with any material of construction as per customer requirement adhering to National and International Standards such as API 600, API 602, BS 1873, BS 1868, BS 5351, BS 5352 etc.

Dintech Products:



Prime Industrial Valves Mfg. Co. has come as one of the major Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of a wide range of industrial VALVES products. The company offers a wide range of Quality Industrial Valves which Includes, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Steam Trap, Strainer and Customized Valve as per client Drawing/Specification.


PRIME Products:

  1. Gate Valve
  2. Globe Valve
  3. Swing Check Valve
  4. Ball Valves
  5. Butterfly Valves
  6. Flush Bottom Valves
  7. Control Valves
  8. Wafer Check Valve



The ‘SANT GROUP’ was seeded in 1953 with manufacturing of industrial valves under the brand name ‘SANT’ which quickly became the household name for valves all over India. The success of his tale which started with manufacturing quality valves has today transformed in a group of companies having diversified into manufacturing GI fittings, Carbon Steel fittings, Forged fittings, distribution of Composite Pipes, along with a 100% export unit of hand tools and power tools.


SANT Offering Valves & Fittings in Various Materials: 

  • SBM



Rex Steam Products Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of high quality steam products. Rex Group product range includes manufacturing of international quality high performance steam energy conservative products such as steam traps, air traps, moisture separators, sight glasses, strainers, swivel joints, rotary joints, rotary unions, syphon system, vacuum breakers, flexible hoses, carbon graphite components and allied products which are approved by Engineers India Limited (EIL) and inspecting authorities like IBR.

REX Products

1. Steam Traps

Proper condensate removal is essential for efficient process plant operation. Rex offers a full range of established trap operating principles thermodynamic, ball float, and inverted bucket. Correctly chosen and fitted, Rex Traps can boost productivity, reduce spoilage, save man-hours, minimize steam consumption and cut fuel bills.

2. Rotary Joints

  • C – Series
  • H – Series
  • J – Series
  • N – Series
  • QA – Series
  • SN – Series
  • S – Series